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Červenec 2010

A Mission Creek

8. července 2010 v 2:01

We didn´t know, what doing at last weekend. So I asked my homestay mum Lynae :) and she told me about local creek, where is very nice nature, place called The Mission greenway. I with Dominika were there and it was very nice, something like walking in Sumava and other natural parks in Czech Republic. In the start of this trip we seen board with informations, we read there, how animals live in this park. There are written for example deer, coyote, mink, chipmunk, and bear...
Wolf weren´t there unfortunately :)
     So we went on one of two side, and spent quite nice walking. After some time we went on finish of a way, and because Dominika doesn´t like going back by same way, so we went still next, to forest. There, in forest we didn´t met somebody already. In the end we went to finish of our way, and continuation in our walking was impossible, so we had to go back. And during way to back I found on the floor some foot-print. I aked Dominika, what´foot-print it´s, and she, like natural expert told me, that it´s foot-print of a bear! In this time I started to understand, why we were on this place only we alone...
     So during way to back we maybe did see about us, if isn´t somewhere some bear :)
But experience it was pleasant, and other our planned trip is visit of Kamloops Zoo (for 80 CAD)

1st of july 2010-A CANADA DAY

3. července 2010 v 21:05

I´m glad, that we were here on 1st of July, and we could on own skin, how looks right a Canada Day. On this day I with my girlfriend went by bus to Downtown, where was very various program of other activities. Most plays for small kids, lot of selling with foods from other countries, and mainly there were several stages with live music. It was something for us, young canadians bands and their rock, and also other bands...
Everybody could to get a little canadian flag, little tattoo, or some cookie...
We were to see on cuting of a big canadien cake in Prospera Place, it was very big cake, maybe like table, and it was cut and people could take it, but we didn´t want wait in line-up, so we didn´t taste it...
But the most expected activity of a day were aproximatly fireworks at night, it was very nice experience, supported by some music.
After the fireworks we went on bus, and it was quite problem. everywhere were lot of funny people...Buses should going every 30 minutes, but we waited on it maybe one hour...So we came to home sometimes about middle night, and second day we had to go to school, but it was still very nice day, new experience for us.


3. července 2010 v 20:31

Hi, so I´m first week in Kelowna. I went over here for a one mont (July) because I want to be better in my English. (I´m not very good in English:)) I´m with my girlfriend here, we don´t live together, but we live in other houses with homestay families.
We arrived to local airport at 27th of June. We flew by three planes (From Prague to Frankfurt, then from Frankfurt to Calgary, and then from Calgary over here, to Kelowna) Plane from Frankfurt to Canada (Canada Air) was very comfortable, and we got there lot of some food, so I very like it :) But in flight from Frankfurt to Calgary we flew by plane Lufthansa, and I must to say, when we felt quite strong quake of plane during this flight...:)
We were about 6.00 o´clocks at evening on local airport. Then we went by taxi to our new families here :) We both are very satisfied with them.
     And just second day, what we were here, was Monday, so we had to wake up to school at morning. Local language school is called Internetional Gateway, and people in it are very fine. Mainly I must to say teachers are very fine, I see, that they doing theit job very like, and enjoy it. There are about 50 students from countries like Japan, Korea, Mexico, Colmbia, Germany, Switzerland, Czech republic and Slovakia. I was very surprised, when I saw, that there are aproximatly 5 students from Czech Republic :) A thought I with Dominika will be alone here.
     We are studiing five hours daily (without weekwends) in the school. We have three hours of grammar at morning, and two hours of conversations at afternoon.